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Hawaiian Coffee from Ka`u


"Wake up to the taste and aroma of aloha" with this fine, 100% freshly roasted Hawaiian coffee.

A Special Message from Jimmy & Lisa Dacalio

If you wish to place an order for this fine coffee please call us or e-mail us at orders@KauCoffee.com or use our convenient Order Form

Aloha and mahalo for the continued support from Ka'u and our two farms running in full swing since 2008. Originally planted at Moaula in 1997.

Due to invasive species, drought, ... Milestones such as lease increases at Moaula: prices are slightly increased. We hope our quality and volume produced can maintain in the exceptional manner as always.

"A fair deal at twice the price for the quality you are receiving," says a long time Volcano customer. We strive for smoothness and low acidity. !!! Roasted weekly in Kona 77 miles north of Pahala at Holualoa.

Mahalo. Lisa Dacalio

We are happy to announce a new line of coffee called, JOHN BULL COFFEE.

2014/2015 coffee production
Our wonderful pets get to help us sell coffee at the Vista Center

Welcome to our coffee farm (s) Moaula Ka'u Cloud Rest and John Bull Oasis farm. We are proud to provide to you our estate coffee. Grown at two elevations: Jimmy provides the world with his individual style of nurturing and growing Ka'u coffee. He hand picks, hand pulps water washes then sun dries this Ka'u coffee of approximately 9 total acres. This is our fifteenth season of harvesting.

2015 crop picking is weekly as the season progresses and sales for us continue online, and locally Sunday Volcano farmers market - daily (roadside at John Bull 49.5 mm hwy 11).

Jimmy's coffee has a taste significantly unique to his wet mill style and fermentation. It's fifteen years since inception. The flavor is remarkable and smooth and stated by hundreds as "the best coffee I've ever tasted."

Many thanks to all of you who return regularly and mahalo to new customers; giving us the opportunity to serve you fresh Ka'u coffee from Dacalio farms known as Moaula Ka'u Cloud Rest and John Bull Hawaiian coffee(s).

kauroosterWe hope our variety of roasting temperatures is suitable to your individual pallets. Simply use our order form. I send confirmation and email receipts.

   Much aloha and Mahalo. Lisa Dacalio





Jimmy with his Sidekick King
Farming two locations, here Jimmy is with his sidekick King in the rear heading out to survey the coffee. Lots of concerns this season due to a new migrating berry borer. We are challenged but confident
Our New Oasis Ka'u gazebo is located at 49.5 mile marker Mamalahoa Hwy 11.
Even the boss gets to enjoy conversation sometimes at the Oasis . . . Jimmy Dacalio, local farmer, from sugarcane harvest to coffee bean production; this man never stops amazing me . . check out his fence and gate when you visit our Oasis; he's also a welder/fabricator . . great job Jimmy! (wife's comments of appreciation)


Jimmy got to take a vacation in June to San Francisco and Las Vegas; our first full-on vacation since we've been married and growing coffee.  


New Foliar Feeder
Jimmy has a new foliar feeder/sprayer to help him spread fish emulsion to our nine acres and any other spraying needs to help with coffee production. Thanks to USDA FSA Hilo.
drying coffee
This is how coffee is dried after being picked after the 'red' cherry covering or skin was removed. Beans require up to 3 weeks to dry before ready to be hulled (parchment/ fingernail coating removed), then this green bean can be roasted. These drying tables are used when the coffee picking season begins in September through March, when that final bean is harvested. Our hot house has twelve drying tables and this overflow sundrying table outside at our Pahala home.

Lisa on the farm.

Despite 2014, August hurricane Iselle, our trees mainly stood tall and loaded with beans. We had over 50 trees uprooted.


Jimmy Dacalio, Farmer
Lisa Dacalio, Manager
Cloud Rest Coffee
P.O. Box 393
Pahala, Hawaii 96777
(808) 937-1106