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Hawaiian Coffee from Ka`u


The Ka`u District:
History of Coffee Growing

Our coffee is grown on the southern slopes of the gigantic Mauna Loa Volcano. Moa`ula is located four miles above Pahala, in beautiful Ka`u District. Growing conditions for coffee are comparable to Kona, which is only twenty miles south. Ka`u offers the finest gourmet coffees ever tasted. The climate is often warm but cool and breezy at other times, creating an ideal growing location for this particular arabica bean (originally from Kona). These arabica beans yield delicious, aromatic cups of coffee for you to enjoy. In fact you'll probably become addicted to the aroma anytime of day!
Ka`u, located on the southern tip of the Big Island, is an unforgettable place. The mountains found here were formed by the Ninole volcano thousands of years ago. The real name of Toenail Mountain, as it’s called by the locals, is Kaumaikeohu. The other flat top mountains are Enuhu and Makanau in order going south.

This area has a history rich in cultural lore and historical significance to Hawaii. For 130 years sugar plantations and fishing supported its people. This long tradition was erased in 1996 when corporations and workers saw the industry as no longer a viable means for profit or support of the island's people. Operating since 1835, its last harvest was March 27, 1996. It marked the end of the sugar industry on the big island of Hawai`i. There were many smaller mills in operation in Ka`u in the early through late 1800’s. One of the larger ones was called Hilea sugar; another was Hutchinson sugar which can be seen from the Mamalahoa highway near Honoapu. Old sugar cane fields have been transformed into acres of newly planted coffee trees.

Ka`u consits of three major towns and is famous for its Punalu`u black sand beach and the sea turtles, basking daily. In Ka`u there are three golf courses and a small resort. Adjacent to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the area contains many archaeological treasures from Hawaiian ancestors. There are ancient Hawaiian trails, rich and lush tropical forests and our mountain. It’s called Moa`ula (red rooster). Our rich coffee grows superbly with first tastes, repeat sales, and the anxious await for this fall’s harvest already provoking our taste buds as we watch the green beans fully developing.

Recent outreach or farmer's markets we've attended:

We were asked to send 100 pounds, which we did, to: Smithsonian Institute's Grand Opening of the National Museum of the American Indian - September 2004
We sold this to the public during the week long celebration of the grand opening.

We will be continuing to provide direct sales on Oahu, as time permits, : Diamond Head Farmer's Market, Honolulu, HI

We actively serve Hawaii island at Cooper Center, Volcano, Hawaii, on Sunday mornings between 6 am and 9 am, and feature our weekly roasted, medium, full city, dark and peaberry by the cup, by the pounds and half pounds. Watch for our seasonal specials: such as "Hula" half dark and half medium, "it'll really make you stand up and do the hula."

Where do we roast our coffee?

We have tried several professional and well established Kona coffee operators. Most recently we've welcomed the expertise of Greenwell Farms, who carefully master our coffee's finest essences by perfectly matching criteria we've set, as tasted by you, our customers. Their technicians masterfully roast weekly for us. Please let us know what you think or where we can improve, if you would like to comment. So far, here are simply a few of the positive comments that we receive . . . .

Comments from You !

Continuing to provide our medium, full city, dark, dark oil and peaberry, our farm has received top ratings from regular clients and coffee conniseurs:

"I finally ran out of my special supply of your wonderful coffee, we like to dazzle our guests with the best coffee possible, so send us, of course, YOURS, Priscilla and Joe, Sacramento, CA"

"I look forward every evening to that wonderful cup of coffee after dinner." Gail in Volcano, Hawaii
"This coffee is absolutely delicious, " Marcia Albert, Woodstock, New York

"We met at Coopertown in February when we were working in the park. Your coffee is the best I have even sent a note to the Food Channel," Mary Joe, Denver, CO

" I bought my organic Kona coffee from the health food store in Kea'au for $13.69 for a half pound. not really much of a deal and I bought it before I tasted your coffee!! Which as I said is much much better! I will definitely spread the word of your great coffee here in Minnesota. Thanks, Carrigan"

"This is the greatest coffee!" David, Volcano, Hawaii

"I'm having a panic, I'm almost out of your coffee, send some quick!" John, Fresno, California

"My husband says yours is the best he's tasted and we've traveled all over the world, " Lutia, Kohala, HI

I've been meaning to order some coffee for a while ( by the way, its the best coffee I've ever
had . . . Mark, Virgin Islands

"I'm a merchant marine, tasted every kind of coffee, this is so outstanding, I found you at the Smithsonian, Kevin, Woodbridge, VA
"From one coffee lover to another, I just discovered this coffee and absolutely love it, hope you do too!, Danee, Honolulu, HI
(a message/gift to a friend in San Francisco - an art gallery owner.!)

"This is the best cup of coffee that I've ever tasted," Mrs. Butler, Alabama


Jimmy Dacalio, Farmer
Lisa Dacalio, Manager
Cloud Rest Coffee
P.O. Box 393
Pahala, Hawaii 96777
(808) 937-1106