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July, 2006

The coffee production staff at Moa'ula Ka'u Cloud Rest Farm is hard at work along highway 11 in Ka'u at the 49.5 mile marker. Kau Cloud RestOur new roadsize gazebo sells our wonderful high elevation coffee grown at 1,900 feet at the well known Moa'ula Ka'u Cloud Rest area. Certainly we can't expect folks to visit that farm since the road washed out in 2001's historical flood that left Pahala isolated from everyone for weeks. The road is passable, but not your typical dirt road and would be awkward to direct anyone up to Moa'ula farm without our lead. So, making life exciting and challenging we purchased 3.5 acres right there along the Mamalahoa Highway heading south on highway 11 from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park at the 49.5 mile marker. Here it is a new Oasis. We named it Oasis Ka'u.

Jimmy is continuing his coffee skills in planting another 1,000 coffee trees at this 1,350 foot elevation. There's nearly three feet of rich volcanic soil available and already growing macadamia nuts, a few young coffee trees, banana, and various palms. Our plans to plant the entire acreage in local fruits and vegetables will commence soon. We will relocate old coffee trees and replant them here to be ready to harvest in hopefully three years or so. The moderately high elevation, sunny days, misty nights and ocean breezes will bring about yet another flavor of Ka'u's new industry of coffee.

I will continue to meet and greet our coffee fans on the internet and in person on the roadside. However, since I am retired from a 9 to 5 job, and served in a secretarial capacity for so long, my hours are flexible. If you need to get a hold of us, simply call or email us for your order. We aim to please and hope that our limited hours do not inconvenience your need for that cup of wonderful coffee from Ka'u.

We brew and serve on the roadside during mid day hours, and hope to build on this farm, a home. When that happens, I will be there, early and late, to serve your coffee in bag and in cup . . . try to be patient, if at all possible. If you are like me, that is almost impossible, but, give us a call (808) 928 8054.
Lisa Dacalio,
Moa'ula Ka'u Cloud Rest
Oasis Ka'u John Bull Coffee

PS - Our roadside acreage is named "John Bull" from a past Hawaiian name given to a cowboy and paddock in this farm area. Our newest roast, Italian or Espresso is named John Bull and available upon request. However, it is darker than our Dark, and is in limited quantity and availability . . . Simply add your order to the order form in the comment section and we will do our best to provide you with some, if you really, love a hearty and rich, variety unusual to Hawaiian coffee's.

The new John Bull area in a different landscape of Ka'u will provide our visitors the experience of picking a macadamia nut from the ground, a bean from the coffee tree and a branch from the sugar cane growing on the farm. The new farm will eventually provide you with that tropical experience of lush fruits and vegetables right along the roadside as you travel up to the Hawaii Volcanoes park area or down to the Punaluu Black sand beach . . .our free samples and local stories provide you with a memorable experience of your Hawaiian vacation. As a roadside business in an agricultural zone, we will provide for you, what we can grow, but, we are not perpetuating a retail or commercial outlet. Please stop in and enjoy this vista, from our Ka'u vista center, it's a full view of Hawaii's coastline.

Al is having fun Please give credit to Al Galimba.  He was an invaluable assistant in stylizing our wind breaks and seating area at the Oasis.  Mahalo!

A bright Spot











Jan, 2006

Paradise of the Universe, brings us a new coffee and beautiful, scenic roadside farm-direct coffee 'shade shop.'

The new Ka'u Coffee Shade Shop, a roadside dream for me, will begin to take form this new year.
Jimmy and I were seeking a small, coffee farm to supplement our high elevation Ka'u Moa'ula brand coffee.
This farm has brought us tremendous success and enjoyment for Jimmy's talented "green thumbs." I have always wanted to conduct a coffee and or pie business and what a better place to do it, but in rural, sunny Ka'u along Hwy 11.

When this bulldozed piece came available, I saw my dream in Paradise really take a shape in my dreams.
Beginning this new year of 2006, our planting and serving a new variety of coffee will begin. This subdivision is named after a Hawaiian cowboy and what a better name than JOHN BULL, could we have ever come up with.

So, there you have it, our new line of coffee, already planted in a few trees nearby, on this small, but gorgeous frontage on Highway 11; a subdivision near the stretch leading up from Ka'u to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Nestled next to already growing Macadamia nut trees, and a few arabica coffee trees - our farm, will be grown and our 'shade shop simply stocked with our two varieties of Ka'u estate coffee.

As our plans unfold and become reality, we will open daily along the sunny highway, bringing you our finest coffees in bags, and samples at first, then progressing into 'cups of coffee and other fine fresh items such as honey, plants and gourmet pies. We're going to strive for the freshest and finest at our 'shade shop.'

Hope to visit with you . . . . Aloha, Lisa and Jimmy Dacalio


Jimmy Dacalio, Farmer
Lisa Dacalio, Manager
Cloud Rest Coffee
P.O. Box 393
Pahala, Hawaii 96777
(808) 937-1106