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Hawaiian Coffee from Ka`u


A red rooster symbolizes Moa`ula "red rooster," the place where this coffee is grown. Grown and Roasted on the Big Island of Hawaii. volcano

Coffee plantations thrive in the rich, sun-drenched volcanic soils of Mauna Loa, Earth's largest volcano. Here on the cloud-kissed slopes not far from Kona, grow the famous Arabica coffee beans. Roasted to perfection, this particular kind of Arabica bean yields delicious, aromatic coffee. The rich, zesty, bold flavor comes from 100% pure Ka`u coffee beans - it will soon become the only coffee you'll drink.

Mt Kilauea Erupts in 2008.
19 miles from our Coffee Farms.

Jimmy & Lisa DacalioA Special Message From
Jimmy & Lisa Dacalio
Some More Information for All of You Coffee Drinkers. 
Peaberry is the top of the line, our cream of the crop. A peaberry bean is formed when one side of the flower dies leaving only one, small round bean in the coffee cherry. Normally there's two flat beans together side by side in a coffee cherry. This unusual growth gives the peaberry a more concentrated flavor and makes up about 6% of the total farm, here at Cloud Rest.  However, if you check other web sites on coffee, you'll see we're higher than others who note 2%-5% of their farm is peaberry. 

We have found that our sunny mornings and late afternoon mist and clouds, form a perfect union for growing on the slopes of Mauna Loa volcano, overlooking Punaluu' Black Sand Beach.  We are high up amongst the Ninoole volcanoes of long ago.  Our entire coffee production for the past three years has yielded 50% extra fancy, 40% fancy 5%- 8% peaberry, and hardly anything in the No. 1 , prime and lower grades. 

John Bull BeansOur unique taste, and uniformly roasted beans have brought much acclaim from those who find us.  We're only 28 miles from the Kona district and in Ka'u are producing a coffee flavor unique to our southern exposure.  Our rare and fine coffee is priced to affordable means because we want you to try it.  It's sold here on the web page, and in very few other circles, however, big island connoisseurs are beginning to buy our greens and blend it under their own label.  Generally speaking, the higher the grade, the richer and smoother the coffee. The higher grades have a lower acidity thus resulting in your smoother flavor, the lower grades (which are least expensive) have a higher acidity thus resulting in a more bitter flavor.
Always guaranteed fresh, we suggest buying in whole bean form and grinding just before brewing each pot. Air tight containers and storing in a cool place (away from the extreme heat or cold) will optimize freshness.  Our pride lies in our hands, we turn the beans daily as they become sun dried in our Pahala yard, enough to travel to Kona where we professionally have roasted these nurtured beauties. Our Kona roaster prides himself in the perfectiveness he's established for our specific farm.  Others have inquired as to the temperature which he uses for our 'dark' and 'medium' roasts and we gladly share this.  As, we think the soil at our farm is full of the right stuff - our brew, Moa'ula Ka'u Cloud Rest -may be just the perfect one for you! 

"The aroma of aloha" 


 Jimmy & Lisa Dacalio

Jimmy Dacalio, Farmer
Lisa Dacalio, Manager
Cloud Rest Coffee
P.O. Box 393
Pahala, Hawaii 96777
(808) 937-1106